Travel with your fur baby with cat carrier backpack-Fresh Deal ShopTravel with your fur baby with cat carrier backpack-Fresh Deal Shop
Travel with your fur baby with cat carrier backpack

Travel with your fur baby with cat carrier backpack




When it comes to being a cat lover, there isn’t anything you would do for your animal, right? They could literally destroy your house and you still couldn’t get mad at their sweet little faces. With the cat backpack, however, you won’t have to continue worrying about if your cat is getting itself into trouble at home, because they can be right there with you, wherever you need to go!

This cat backpack is not only an adorable accessory but also a practical and reliable way to carry your cat along with you!

It has a transparent capsule design, which provides 360-degree sightseeing for your pets. A transparent window can ease the anxiety of your pets and let them enjoy the outdoor scenery.

cat backpack

With Built-in safety belts and a total of 9 air holes (3 on each side + 3 on the front) and additional air sockets on the sides, it’s safe, stylish and secure. No more dodgy transporters, your pet is going to love this one! It’s suitable for cats and small dogs.

Cat carrier backpack Features:

  • Large and comfortable Window Design: It is specifically designed, keeping the comfort and safety of your fur friend a priority. Besides all the functions of the regular pet carriers, the window design is very safe, comfortable and breathable for your pet: it ensures a large space with 9 big ventilation holes and 2 mesh panels. Your friend will enjoy a complete view of the world.
  • Safe and secure:   The intelligent design comes with a buckle strap interior to prevent your pet from running away. Large space with big air holes and mesh will surely wipe out your worries about if your pet feels stuffy.
  • Perfect for daily use:  Enjoy the outing with your fur baby with DEN. Take them to see games, vets or on a plane, it will keep your pet secure and comfortable.  With the adjustable shoulder straps and buckle design, you can carry them around with backpack
  • Your pet’s best friend for years: Made of high-quality oxford cloth & food grade PC, this pet backpack is scratch-resistant and sturdy for long-lasting use. You can also rest assured that it is strong enough to stand up to the scratches or gnawing of your pets.


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