Lice Vacuum Comb Electric
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Lice Vacuum Comb Electric




Anyone can get lice. To stop them from reoccurring, we need to eradicate their eggs along with them. Keeping this in mind, Clexos™ was made.

Proven to be one of the best head lice treatment, this Vacuum Lice Remover Comb cleans your itchy scalp by not only removing the lice but their eggs and nymphs as well.

Unlike existing lice treatments, ivermectins and nit removal shampoos that use toxic and harmful chemicals, Clexos™ uses the power of vacuum to get rid of these annoying and recurring pests with an attached comb to make the process familiar. It is safe to use on kids, adults and even your pets.

So, bring home Clexos™ and sleep well without constantly scratching your head and transferring lice to your loved ones.


  • Automatic Brush with Fine Comb: Clexos™ is equipped with a stainless steel comb with rounded ends and adjustable angles. The rounded ends make the operation very gentle on the scalp and remove all the eggs and larvae while the adjustable angle allows you to hit hard to reach areas.
  • Vacuum Powered: Unlike any other lice remover available in the market, this electric lice comb uses a strong suction force to collect all the lice and their eggs removed by the comb. A button is used to turn on/off the vacuum.
  • Disposable Capture Filter: This head lice comb traps the lice and eggs removed from your hair and scalp and into its capture filter. After you are done with the combing, simply detach the capture filter and snap on the lid for hygienic disposal.
  • Ergonomic Design and Multipurpose: This lice vacuum has a slim and sleek appearance, making it very handy. The ergonomic anti-slip grip makes regular combing convenient & relaxed. It can be used as an anti-dandruff or a detangling comb as well.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Clexos™ is 100% free from toxins so you can use it on children without any fuss. It uses electricity to function so there is no need for chemicals or damaging shampoos on your scalp anymore.
  • Premium Quality: It is made with high-quality ABS material and Stainless Steel to ensure it is eco-friendly and durable. It is also equipped with a blue L.E.D. light which helps in observing the trapped lice.


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